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Gifts of Hope

Symbolic Giving Catalogue

Gifts of Hope

Hope is essential for all of us – and as Canada’s very first shelter for abused women and children, we know hope is especially vital for women escaping intimate partner violence.

Women fleeing abuse need to have hope that things can and will get better, and a helping hand to navigate times of crisis. Will you help a survivor of intimate partner violence and her children by giving a Gift of Hope today?

As we celebrate 50 years of empowering women, we hope you will consider making a special gift. With your symbolic Gift of Hope today, you can provide women and children at Interval House with the safety and support they need to rebuild their lives and end the cycle of abuse.

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What is Gifts of Hope?


Gifts of Hope is a symbolic gift program that provides support to the women and children at Interval House to help them rebuild their lives and end the cycle of abuse. As a symbolic giving program, the items shown are representative of how your gift can support the essential programs and services for women and children fleeing violence.

Where does the money go?


Your support gives women safety, security and a second chance at a future free of violence. Your gift is life-changing and helps end the cycle of abuse.

For 50 years, Interval House has offered innovative services to break the cycle of abuse, your donations support programming such as:

  • Residential Program – Our emergency shelter has 12 bedrooms, family suites and single rooms to help support women and children on their healing journey after abuse. We offer all basic necessities for the duration of their stay such as food, toiletries, 24-7 counselling, emergency medicine, baby supplies, and much more.
  • Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS) Program – By providing education, professional skills training, life skills workshops, financial and housing assistance, job opportunities, professional wardrobe options, and counselling, BESS helps woman in all stages of their healing journey overcome their barriers and rebuild their lives safely and self-sufficiently.

Do all gifts qualify for a tax receipt?


Yes! When you purchase a Gift of Hope item, that purchase (and any additional donation amount) is eligible for a tax receipt. The tax receipt will be created in your name and sent to you via email after your purchase.

Can I place a message in the e-card?


We welcome you to include a personal message in your e-card through the Gifts of Hope site.

I don't want to shop. Can I just make a donation?


Absolutely. Should you wish to make a donation and not shop on the Gifts of Hope giving site, please visit our website.