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Gifts of Hope

Symbolic Giving Catalogue

With your symbolic Gift of Hope, you can provide women and children at Interval House with the safety and support they need to rebuild their lives and end the cycle of abuse.

The Gifts of Hope product options provide opportunities and items that will support women and children as they build a better, brighter future.

You can help a woman and her children break the cycle of abuse with a Gift of Hope Today!

The BESS program connects women with the tools to rebuild and transform their lives after abuse. By providing access to education, professional skills training, life skills workshops, financial and housing assistance, job opportunities, professional wardrobe options, and counselling, BESS helps set women at all stages of the healing journey on the path to living independently, safely, and comfortably.

Everyone has the right to a safe, healthy and violence-free life. Our Residential Program is a family-style home where women and their children find safety and community as they heal and rebuild their lives Our emergency shelter has 12 bedrooms — family suites and single rooms. We can house 30 women and children at any time and offer them holistic support and tailored services to help them through their healing journeys.